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Short history about glenberries

LLC Glenberries represents Georgian company founded in 2017. Our factory started operating in June of 2018. Total investment made by founders of company in agriculture sphere was 10 000 000 Georgian Laris. Part of the investment – 600 000 Laris was granted to the company by Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia.

With accumulated investment factory equipped with modern technologies  was build in Georgia Kareli Region Village Kvenatkosa. In particular the sphere of the company's activity is freezing and producing ready-to-use Frozen fruit’s and vegetable.

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Short history about glenberries

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4520, Shida Kartli Region, Kareli, Kvenatkotsa

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Mon - Fri | 10:00 - 18:00 Hours


Mobile: +995 599 000018 +995 555 206088

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