Our Company


LLC Glenberries represents Georgian company founded in 2017. Our factory started operating in June of 2018.

With the help of Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and accumulated investment made by founder partners,  factory equipped with modern technologies  was build in Georgia Kareli Region Village Kvenatkosa.

In particular the sphere of the company’s activity is freezing and producing ready-to-use Frozen fruit’s and vegetable.  Also selling fresh fruits and vegetables.


The Base Goal Of Our Company

Agricultural Development

To support agricultural development of Georgia and solve employment problem in villages and Regional centers.

Support Farmers

To support farmers who produce natural and high quality product.

Introduction to the new technologies

Introduction to the new technologies that are common in Israel and other developed countries.

Popularisation of georgian products

Introduction of Georgian product to Israel and other big exporting markets that way making Georgia more popular threw out the world as a potential new supplying and farming destination.

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